• To teach Under Graduate students basic and emergency dental treatment and research program.


  • Improve dental health consciousness/Standards.
  • To practice evidence based dentistry, appreciating the rationale for different therapeutic modalities.
  • Practice medical ethics in patient care, service delivery and research.
  • Providing all different dental treatment modalities to all economic strata of society.

  About Department

  • Dental department was established in 1990. It is an allied service of medical institution. It provides educational services to III year MBBS students. Our department maintains a rigid quality control in sterilization and disinfection.

Programs Offered

  • MBBS
  • Endondontic procedures - Root canal treatment
  • Complete, Fixed and removable partial dentures
  • Surgical and Routine dental extractions
  • Orthodontic procedure
    1. Ceramic /Invisible braces
    2. Metal braces
  • Dental implants
    1. Single tooth prosthesis
    2. Implant supported dentures
  • Oral prophylaxis
  • Tooth restoration and caries removal
  • Oral radiology
  • Tooth splinting and Arch fixation
  • Cosmetic dental treatment
  • Fixation of maxillary and mandibular Fractures
  • Cyst enucleation
  • Orthognathic surgeries