Effective academic and psychological support is one of the pivotal factors that contribute to the students’ success in pursuing higher professional degree programs. Mentoring program in medical schools exist to provide support to students and guidance that contribute to a fulfilling undergraduate medical experience. This program facilitates the students in academic pursuit and provides them a way to cope up with the difficulties faced in new environment. The benefits of mentoring may be seen in three major domains of the institution: the mentees, the mentors, and the medical school community. The benefits offered by this program to mentees are related to their career development; it enlightens their interest in research and inspires them to improve their academic performance. It further helps them emotionally and reduces their stress by improving their relationship with the mentors. The mentors are also benefitted as this program provides a sense of internal satisfaction, improves their teaching skills, and thus helps in personal development. In addition, the medical school community is also benefitted, as it improves clinical care, research as well as teaching


List of mentors for students

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