• Promote, provide and assist the clinicians through knowledge of PATHOLOGY
  • To provide best training to undergraduate students and postgraduate students.
  • To develop and promote research activities.
  • To create awareness regarding rational use of blood and blood transfusion reactions.
  • To provide best laboratory diagnostic modalities for patients care


  • Equip the future doctors with knowledge for clinicopathological correlation
  • Making students to understand etiopathogenesis with correlation of gross and microscopy of    disease
  • Provide best training to the UG and PG students
  • To plan, perform and report specific research projects
  • Conducting lectures on rational use of blood and blood products.
  • The department also provides health check-up and blood donation camps
  • Develop facilities such as HPLC, flowcytometry and apheresis
  • Starting peripheral blood storage centre

  About Department

Establishment: Department of Pathology was established in 1991
Programs offered:


Annual Intake

MD/ DCP Pathology






BSc. Nursing


BSc. Medical Laboratory Technology


BSc. Dialysis


BSc. Allied Health Sciences


PHD in Pathology; Fellowship in Blood Bank


Special Highlights:
A. Infrastructure:

  • Museum: In-house museum with ICD coding, fully equipped with charts and models
  • Grossing station: Well-equipped grossing station as per NABH criteria
  • Vitros 250 and 2500 at Central Lab: In addition to the better sensitivity, VITROS is also environmental conscious- Hundreds of liters of water is saved by use of Dry Chemistry Analyzer

B. Personnel:

  • The department is enriched with an experienced, enterprising, enthusiastic and highly motivating Professor and HOD (Dr. C. P. Bhale) along with five Associate Professors, six Assistant Professors and nine tutors.
  • The non-teaching staff is also understanding, skillful and are given regular training.
  • There is good intra and interdepartmental co-ordination in academic activity. CPC meetings are conducted monthly.

C. Practices:

  • Multiple student centric methods (including Guest lectures) are used to make teaching easy and interesting for UG and PG students. Special activities are conducted are slow and advanced learners in the department.
  • Student feedback on curriculum and teachers is taken every year. Results are analysed and specific action (if required) is taken. Mentor-mentee meetings are conducted monthly.
  • The department has contributed multiple research papers. In addition, the PG students and faculty attend/ present posters and papers in state and national CME and conferences. Some of the faculty have delivered lectures and chaired sessions.
  • The alumni of this Department are well placed and some have their own private laboratories.Two students have received Fellowship in Hematology.
  • The central lab generates 24x7 up to date reports for providing best care to the patient. This is one of the most quality conscious department- central pathology laboratory is NABL accredited.
  • Health check up camps and Blood donation camps are organised routinely.
  • Best Practices:
  • Utilization of social media (Whatsapp and You tube) platform for educational purpose - E- Learning (Whatsapp group called “MGM Pentahead”), includes all PG students, faculty and alumni is used for PG teaching and sharing interesting cases
  • Contribution of slides towards MAPCON and visit to the museum.
  • Orientation of students to blood bank and central laboratory

Programs offered

  • MBBS
  • MD Pathalogy
  • PhD pathology